Thursday, 15 March 2012

Gathering pace.

Tuesday turned out to be a pleasant day as the clouds lifted but still no sun. Spring is gathering pace and searching for a few signs would cheer the day up no end. The Great Northern Divers are starting to moult into summer plumage - you can see the spots appearing on the back of this bird.
There is enough heat for the Adders to bask despite the cloud cover.
There are plenty of flies about now and some of them are quite impressive - just don't ask me what it's called.
The Bumblebees are out of hibernation and that means the flowers can't be too far off. The Hazel catkins are dying back but the flowers are still going strong.
Some are bigger than others.
Plenty of Dog's Mercury in flower now.
They might just look black from a distance but if the light catches the plumage the Shag is transformed into green scaled beauty...with a tuft!
I've not looked too hard for Primroses but every one is a little ray of sunshine.
Some things won't change too much - head down, munch, munch, munch.

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