Friday, 16 March 2012


Wednesday I spent a very pleasant couple of hours photographing some Bullfinches. Initially the birds were fairly high in the trees with this male being the closest of a group of four birds.
A better view as it dropped down a couple of branches.
There was no concern about my presence as they munched their way through the buds on the trees.
The female birds seemed to keep their distance but occasionally one would work it's way past me...
...munching all the way down the branches.
Getting to the ends of the branches is the key to a good meal.
It was a real treat to see these birds at such close quarters.


kev parr said...

Yes! The pick of the finches! And one of the best birds there is, full stop!
Great shots, Bryan.

Fiona said...

Stunning pics - they do bring home how much damage they can do to fruit trees! We don't see them in our garden but I saw a flock last month in Somerset and it was a real treat.

Bryan Rains said...

Kev - cheers for that, it was a bit special to be that close.

Fiona - Probably not as bad as it looks as most of those buds will still grow.

Wilma said...

you saved the best shot of an excellent bunch for last, Bryan. Great stuff!