Monday, 28 October 2013


It's that time of year where you will get a bit of passage as well as the birds that will make their home here for the winter. There are thousands of Fieldfare on the island at the moment but they will soon disperse further south.
The biggest flock I have seen was about 500 birds with a few Redwing in the flock. The Whooper Swans are passing through at the moment as well so the odd sighting of birds flying over is bettered by birds that stay for a while. Mostly these birds are brought down in bad weather, stay for a day or two then move on. A flock of 21 birds landed on the loch, in front of the shop, while it was raining but they only stayed until the weather cleared. Super views as they flew past...
...and the four youngsters in the flock were keeping up with the adults. Quite a feat when you think these birds have just flown in from Iceland (that'll be the country, not the shop).

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