Thursday, 17 October 2013

Is that it?

Well, it looks like the tourist season is coming to a close so the tours are drying up but I'll still be getting out there. The nice weather has hung in for a while which makes some things look better...shiny Starlings for instance...
...but not so good on a back lit Raven!
Great Northern Divers are starting to appear in numbers now with some of them still in their summer dress (there will be more).
The Adders are soaking up the last of the sunshine and should be visible up to the end of the month...depending on the weather of course.
There are plenty of Robins singing their hearts out at the moment so it's nice to just sit and watch them now and again.
Dunnocks may be overlooked as they are skulking in the undergrowth but they are well worth a look if you can find one.

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