Monday, 8 October 2012

Looking back.

As you know it has been a bit showery lately but without those showers you won't get any rainbows. With the sun not being so high in the sky from September to March you can get a rainbow at any time of day when the showers are pushing through. Here's one I took mid September.
What can you say about the views? Not a bad one to be seen! This was Friday morning - awesome.
I've mentioned the stags roaring as they go through the rut. Trying to capture some of the action is something else so I've been trying to capture a decent stag roaring. Finding the stag isn't too hard...
...but being a bit closer for the roar would help...
...and then it's off over the fence...
...into the shade with the hinds.
What a majestic beast!
If the beasts won't perform there are always the birds - they didn't perform either! A BT Diver was too far out and this Razorbill wasn't going to hang around.

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Adelai said...

Great set of photos and amazing double rainbow - love the colours under the rainbow.
Just booked our May 2013 holiday so be back on a tour sooner than you know!