Tuesday, 23 October 2012


A trip out with Doc resulted in some good sightings and a lot of chat to fill the gaps! We were after an Otter or two to photograph but after seeing nothing on the loch we headed for the hills. The Tawny Owl was on view in the barn.
A WT Eagle was giving us the runaround and tried it's best not to be seen.
The winter thrushes are starting to push through now but I'm not getting many chances for photos - here is one that did pose!
Back on the trail of the Otters and we walked along the lochside, stood around and chatted some more - a few Goldfinch were worth looking at.
A Great Spotted Woodpecker was heard occasionally through the day and finally it showed itself at some distance - in the absence of Otters I pointed the camera at it!
We finally located the mum and two cubs but they were too far away and the dog Otter was a bit closer. We got to a good viewing spot and waited. It finally swam past us and that was the last we saw of it! Back to chatting;-)

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