Thursday, 9 June 2011

Just keep looking.

Tuesday was another changeable day but the roadworks were uppermost in my mind. We set off to get through the day as easy as possible so the WT Eagles were a great start. With the tide approaching the high mark you might think there would be little chance of picking one up but then you would be wrong. If you can find an Otter at high tide the reward is a close encounter.
The weather turned a bit chilly and the odd shower was starting to push through so it looked a bit dodgy for Golden Eagle but if you don't have a look you won't find anything. There were quite a few people standing around and not seeing anything but we were a bit more fortunate to find this one perched against the sky!
Flushed with our success we did a round up of the plants with the Lesser Butterfly Orchid now coming into flower being the highlight.
Hen Harrier, Red-throated Diver, Twite and Lesser Redpoll were all seen well in the afternoon and we did get held up by the roadworks too but that didn't dampen the spirits at all. We managed to get a group of six Mountain Hare and a couple of others that were close enough to photograph.
The best find of the day was this White Ermine - not your usual fare but a nice find all the same.
It was a bit of a late return with being held up but the last guests on board got a bonus Hen Harrier on their way back to their accommodation.
Wednesday was a better day as far as the weather went but I managed to get held up by the roadworks while going to pick up the last of the guests. An alternative view of the WT Eagle today as we couldn't get near the usual viewing point but we could still see the chicks being fed so there was no disappointment there. A bit of a search for the Otter today but if you just keep looking you should find one. Another classic view on the high tide.
We bagged the Golden Eagle, a male Hen Harrier and the usual array of commoner birds but my highlight was the damp Oystercatcher sitting on the nest.

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