Friday, 17 June 2011

Changeable weather.

There is not much change in the conditions up here with good days and bad but the sightings continue to be good. I'm not getting that much with the camera at the moment and when I do get the chance the results are mainly poor! Hen Harrier sightings are on the up with this male bird showing on a regular basis but always distant.
The WT Eagle chicks are looking pretty impressive now and as they grow bigger there needs to be more food delivered. It's nice to see the adults flying around but we couldn't have been further away from this one when it landed!
The male Common Scoter is hanging around but once again too distant for a decent photo.
The Otters are behaving well with sightings every day but it can be a long search at times.
Despite the changeable conditions the air temperature is quite good which is good for the Adders but they can move off pretty quick if they spot you coming.
Most of the waders have youngsters at the moment so they are all on the alert for potential predators of their young. The Oystercatchers are probably the noisiest of the lot.
The occasional good opportunity for a photo presents itself but you wouldn't think that it would be a Cuckoo that gives that chance.
The Mountain Hares are showing in good numbers when the weather is good but the close ones have a tendency to run off as the camera comes out.
A good sign of Hen Harrier chicks coming along is seeing the female birds out hunting.

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