Monday, 28 September 2009

Glossy Ibis

Thursday I was pretty well tied up with deliveries which is more than can be said for this boat. The weather wasn't too good and the boat had been tied up with rope, needless to say, it escaped!I also received a very belated report of a Glossy Ibis on Mull. The report was only 6 days later than the event so there was no hurry. From a birders point of view I would have made an effort to get the news out a bit quicker but there you go. In between the deliveries I was checking on the wader situation outside and I was quite surprised to find them on the near shore rather than the far one. Out came the camera to see what I could get in the gloomy conditions. After taking photos of a few different species I had a look through on the PC and they were mostly rubbish but the Golden Plover wasn't too bad.......... and the Knot was a bit blurry.....Friday was a better day weatherwise so I went in search of what would probably be a long departed Ibis. One of the email I received about this bird was to consider White-faced Ibis as the bird had been found around the same time as the Blackburnian Warbler on St Kilda and the Sandhill Crane on Orkney. There wasn't any sign of anything that looked like this......but the walk was very pleasant. It was nice to be out in the peace and quiet and the birds were showing well. I could hear Greylags cackling away in the fields somewhere and a small flock of Golden Plover took flight from one of the fields. Fifteen birds flew off so I scanned the field for more - no sign of them but a cracking male Yellowhammer sitting on the fence was a real treat. I hadn't taken the camera with me either. While I was having a second look at the 'hammer a female Hen Harrier glided into view - stunning. Just along the fence three Stonechat were feeding away dropping into the grass and popping back up again. The Greylag were on full alert but not disturbed enough to fly off. Three yellowhammer were sitting on the gate at the end of the track and a charm of Goldfinches passed overhead. Man, this was good. The odd Robin was ticking away in the bushes and the occasional view of one as it perched on the fence. Meadow Pipits aplenty and six Skylark 'chirruped' overhead. You can't beat being out on your own and just soaking all this up. Six Pale-bellied Brent Geese were down on the shore and were a nice find for the day. When I arrived back home there was a report of a Glossy Ibis at Loch Sween on the mainland the previous Saturday- possibly the bird reported from here and again 6 days too late!! With the slightly better weather I decide to have another go at the waders out the front. The feeding is pretty frantic so they go at it non stop saving the preening for when there is no feeding opportunity. The Dunlin are difficult to catch up with, half a second still then they are off, as can be seen here......but I did get one right.......the Golden Plover were just too camera shy......but even a view from the back shows off the stunning plumage of this bird.
Sunday was dreich as is today so no photographs apart from giving an idea of why I'm not out 'soaking it up'.


Anonymous said...

Hi, The Glossy Ibis is still in Argyll - Spotted at Tayvallich (approx. NR715835) on Saturday 26th September so it may arrive back in Mull yet!

Kate S said...

Listen you - the weather has got just 5 weeks to improve.... I will so be ready for a break by then.