Monday, 2 February 2009

Broken Technology

Thursday was a bit of a black day as that was when the Internet went down!! A phone call to Broken Technology was a delight.

ME: Hello, any idea when the problem will be fixed?

BT: We're very sorry for the loss of service. We have engineers looking into the problem but no other info. There are only 18 households affected. Ring the service update line.

ME: That's everybody here and it doesn't matter how many people it affects. There must be a timescale!

BT: I know nothing. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

ME: That's very helpful, thank you.

Or words to that effect. I had a look at the telephone exchange - nobody there. I like it when they work hard. It's now Monday and they've fixed it thankfully.

I managed to get another year tick on Thursday morning while out for fuel. A quick trip down to Fidden produced 4 Shelduck in a howling gale and also 4 Reed Buntings that couldn't get any closer to the ground without turning into Moles!

I was busy with non birding things over the weekend so no reports there. Today I had to go to Tobermory so I thought some birding on the way back would be nice. Bloody hell, it's cold out there!! A large part of the country is buckling under a small drift of snow so I'm posting a photo of a nice furry hat that was sleeping on the side of the Loch.
It's seems like quite a few people have had to try their hand at digiscoping birds in flight. I hate it because it doesn't work well. The local Hen Harrier has been playing games with me for over a fortnight. I go and sit in the regular hunting spot and she appears somewhere else. If you find her she's off like a shot....except today! She appeared in front of the car and headed off in the same direction as I was going thanks to the Easterly wind. Foot down and try to get in front and then wait. As soon as the bird passed me I was out with gear set up in double quick time only to find she'd dropped out of sight. I was just about to take the camera off the scope when up pops the bird again. I start firing away - the first shot was a peach of a view but blurred. AAARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!! A bit of persistence produced a photo I was happy with. Now I don't have to try so hard next time!


Alan Tilmouth said...

Don't get me sarted on digiscoping, my ancient gear just doesn't seem to work despite it all being Leica.

Brian R said...

Dont get me started with internet problems, seems that my server has fell out with Firefox as of late. I gave up on digiscoping a while ago, but bird photography still manages to annoy me from time to time. Loads of snow down here at the moment, not ower canny for taking pics.