Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sound and vision

The tide was just starting to drop when I had a peep outside. All was quiet except for the natural sounds. These Turnstones were squabbling over who had the best spot and where they were going to feed - who's going first? There were 9 birds on the rock but by the time the camera made an appearance they were reduced to eight. Just enough time for a couple of shots and the starting gun had gone off and they were away feeding. It turns into a bit of a frenzy when the shore is exposed. You could hear the Common Gulls paddling in the water and throwing bit of seaweed over to find the scraps of food. Oystercatchers shouting at each other, Curlew giving alarm calls as the Hen Harrier flew by. You can't beat listening to what's going on.
This Buzzard was sheltering from the wind minding it's own business. You're never more than 5 minutes away from hearing one of these. Standing on the shore scanning the far side you always listen to what's going on on the near shore. Teal 'peeping', Wigeon whistling, Mallard quacking, Lapwing wheezing. The sound of something diving could be Shag, Cormorant, GN Diver or even an Otter. I saw all of those today mainly because of listening. The roar of the waterfalls from all around is a joy to hear at any time of year and you notice when it's gone. Even the ground slurps and gurgles, have a look.... Butterwort starting to green up for another season of eating the dreaded midge!

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Alan Tilmouth said...

When my Tinnitus finally does for both ears it's the bird calls that I shall miss the most.