Monday, 19 January 2009

It's a living thing..

Yet again the weather has not been too grand. Although it always looks fantastic it's not always the best for wandering about looking for things. I had a look down the Loch to see what was coming in the next half hour or so and it didn't look good but you only have to wait! Another check and you could see some blue sky approaching. Get the gear ready and take a quick shot from the door - that'll do. Todays target was to find some woodland birds.
I set off full of hope (always a dangerous thing) and thinking happy thoughts. It's not right to drive past good locations so I had a quick look for the BT Diver and the Common Scoters - no sign of either. There was a Buzzard sitting on a telegraph pole just down the road so out with the camera. I could see he was staring intently at the ground but giving a good switched on, attached to scope, line it up...and then he was off the pole into the grass. My, how I laughed. Vole in talons off he went into the wood.
That was my cue to go and do the same. The easiest place to find woodland birds in the winter is, of course, on the garden feeders and not in the woods. Into the wood and up the path only to find the path is now a stream.
I did hear a Blue Tit while I was in there but nothing else. On the way back out I was admiring the Beech trees with their moss covered trunks(wonder if they ever go swimming) so I give it a go with the arty shot.
No sign of any birds in the wood so a wander down the road might be better. After 15 minutes of wandering and only 2 Blackbirds to show for it I was ready to move on.
Another shot of some moss this time on a Birch tree. At least this stuff doesn't hide away! There were a few signs of budding along the roadside with some snowdrops coming up and the Honeysuckle is trying too.

Enough of the woods and back to the water. There has to be something out there....looooook a Dunnock in the scrub. I watched this little fella rooting away in the dead bracken till he decided it was time to go. Stunning little bird. The tide was just starting to drop away so the Common Seals were showing well. Out on the water but too far away for photos were 4 Razorbills, numerous Shag, 8 GN Diver and 6 RB Merg.

I could see the weather was starting to close in again but I had enough time to try for something else about half a mile up the road. As I was scanning around I caught sight of a bird in the bottom of the scope view, whip the scope back and you've got....nothing!! Switch to bins and scan again.....4 Black Guillemot in various stages of moult. They were feeding heartily so this was the best I could do and the snow was starting to fall again. I'd failed miserably with the woodland birds but there's always tomorrow.
While typing this post the view outside has disappeared and reappeared about 3 times.

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Wild Freckle said...

Hiya found your blog! We had a lovely sunny spell late afternoon in between the snow showers so dived down to where we saw the 4 WTSE's on Saturday - quick scan RB Mergs, Common/Herring Gulls, very friendly robin, curlew, oyster catchers, heron keeping me company - 6th instinct told me to look up - there is was - WTSE gliding along - fantastic - wandered along the shoreline in the dusk then had the fright of my life when a juv WTSE flew up in front of me - flew into the next field and hovered on the wind for a good 5 mins before flying off presumably to find a good roost. The sun going down, with snow on the hills was an awesome sight. Hope you find those Scoters!!