Monday, 30 July 2012

Death in the gutter.

Thursday I had a bit of  time for looking at nothing in particular. There are plenty of Scotch Argus on the wing, posing on the verges until you point a camera at them!
While attempting the above photo I was distracted by a couple of dragons in the ditch. Turns out they were Keeled Skimmers - nice.
The Swallows seem to be hanging around and possibly going for a second brood. Let's hope they have enough time to do the business.
The House Martins continue to have the same problems with the nest disintegrating over time. One chick is dead in the gutter and the other is being fed by the adult bird - it won't last long on the ground though.
Friday we started off with three WT Eagle - one flying in the distance, a chick on the nest and one of the adults getting some grief from a Buzzard.
A good supporting cast through the day with three Hen Harriers, Linnet, Twite, RT Diver, Stonechat and a recently fledged Spotted Flycatcher.

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