Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wet stuff.

The last few days have been the same old, same old - pleasant days with all the regular stuff. The camera has been fairly redundant though and you know I won't post without a few pictures! This post brings things up to date. A Cuckoo posed outside the shop but it never came close enough.
The only large bird I have pointed the camera at is a Golden Eagle that, normally, I wouldn't have bothered with - good job I took that eh?
 As usual the Red deer are just superb but even they wouldn't play ball in front of the camera.
So, you can see how things have been going and the Otter has the right expression.
A change in the weather brings a change in fortunes - a day of rain produced a heap of photos. I took this photo of the Herring Gull just to make sure the camera was still working!
I needn't have worried...Mountain Hare were easy to find.
Common Snipe were calling from close by so it was no surprise to find one keeping an eye on my movements.
The Dunlin are starting to move back through in numbers, well I say numbers but what I really mean is there were seven of them.
This Buzzard was trying to mind it's own business and just let the rain run off it's back but the Lapwings were giving it hell - it flew off eventually.
Oystercatchers are always a pleasure to photograph.
Common Sandpipers are starting to go quiet now as the chicks are well grown. It won't be long before they are heading back to Africa.
I followed this Common Seal down the shore as it was looking for somewhere to haul out. A bit of patience rewarded!
Last shot of the afternoon was a chance meeting with a female Hen Harrier. Leaning out of the window and trying to pan the camera with a slow shutter speed doesn't give the best result but that's the way it goes when the wet stuff is here!

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