Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Just checking.

Monday it didn't rain....again. I went out to check a few things and see if there was anything different. Less than a minute on the road and I had to stop for a close look at this Redshank.
It was a bit cool in the morning so the only butterfly I saw was a Meadow Brown but I did spend a bit of time watching the Ant hill mob and the busy Wasps in their paper house.
I got the hard stare from a Buzzard...
...and the Red Deer!
I spent a bit of time trying to get head shots of the Adders to build up a record of the population. I managed four out of the five in the heap.
I managed to get some shots of a couple of male Redpoll too - still looking good...
...but never close enough for a good shot.

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Adelai said...

Hi Bryan, great pics partic the snakes! We could do with you here in Galicia to identify the bird calls we never heard before