Monday, 9 July 2012


Saturday was another warm day. Showtime....2 Red-throated Diver were picked up and as we viewed them a Cuckoo landed on the wires close by! While viewing the WT eagle chicks we picked up one of the adults flying in being mobbed by a Buzzard!
We followed that up with an Otter. We must have spent about an hour watching this one fishing and coming ashore.
The usual heap of Adders were admired while we also picked up at least three Hen Harriers. A bit of butterfly chasing gave us Small Heath, Meadow Brown, Chimney Sweeper moths and Dark Green Fritillary.
We picked up the usual Whinchat, Stonechat and Wheatear trio before attempting to take a break. As we admired the views across the sea the shout went up for dolphins. A mass exodus from the motor to watch at least 7 Bottle-nosed Dolphin cruising along with the occasional leap out of the water.
As they drifted from view we decided to try to catch them up again with the hope of closer views. We did relocate them but sadly they had moved further offshore. While looking for Mountain Hare we came across an adult Lapwing that was alarm calling - we nearly missed the youngster sneaking away from us!
A couple of Mountain Hare were in the vicinity too but only one stuck around for photos.
As we turned to head back we picked up a male Hen Harrier hunting at the back of the field. We watched it starting to make it's way across the field as we headed down the road and managed good views and a few photos. We got a second chance with the bird hunting at the side of the road and then we lost it. We'd stopped on a high point to attempt to relocate the harrier again but there was no sign until it burst out of the Iris bed to give another cracking view.
There were plenty of other highlights - Red Deer, another WT Eagle, Common Seals with pups - but a bit of nature in the raw had to take top spot for the day. What was it? Two Herring Gulls, one was trying to kill the other for some reason.
The bird that was in trouble managed to escape it's torturer and headed for us as a point of safety. A guests comment at the end of the day..'That's one of the best days out I've ever had'. You can't argue with that!

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