Saturday, 7 July 2012


Tuesday was a bit murky to start with and clearing skies in the afternoon. We picked up 3 Hen Harriers and Short-eared Owl at our first stop - way to go. The previous days Golden Eagle display was improved by the same bird exploding out of the long vegetation about 30 feet in front of us! It was too close for the camera but I managed one shot with the whole bird in!
It did circle around above us for some time to give us a bit more time to get some shots.
It may not have the same draw as the larger bird but Kestrels are just as awesome in my book.
Other highlights from the day were Manx Shearwater, Mountain Hare, curlews, more Hen Harrier and a grand finish with the WT Eagle chicks trying out their wings for size.
Wednesday was a better day for the weather but the heat was building. The first hour was awesome with WT Eagle, two Otters, SE Owl and a couple of Hen Harrier including this male.
A Curlew posed nicely for us too.
Next up was another Otter that made for shore and was lost to sight but we needn't have worried as we located another one about ten minutes later. As you can see this one put on a proper performance.
The Adders have put on a superb show this year with up to five of the reptiles all curled up in a heap. I took my camera this time to capture the event.
A Slow Worm was a treat, another Otter sighting but the best find of the day had to be the Cuckoo posing on the wires.
The temperature was really building in the afternoon but we still managed to get the Mountain Hare - just look at that heat haze.
A golden opportunity for a photo as we headed back to the motor with a Skylark rising beside us.
We managed to get our Golden Eagle right at the end of the day but that's wildlife - unpredictable.

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