Saturday, 9 June 2012

Three days worth.

The internet has been off for a couple of days so it's three days squeezed into this post with the highlights as photos. The Adders continue to perform well with the best find being a young Adder with a Newt in it's mouth...
...and a nice adult posing in the sunshine.
There are still plenty of waders around with the likes of Redshank with young, Ringed Plover, occasional Dunlin and the Oystercatchers too.
The WT Eagle chicks are growing well and they were ringed on Thursday. I've not seen any Hen Harrier fledglings yet but we have heard them calling along with seeing the adults performing the food pass. Golden Eagles are always good to see but we've had to wait for them at times.
Wood Warblers are still singing in the woods, Spotted Flycatchers seem to be in good numbers, a flock of 30 Common Crossbill were a good find and odd ones on the beach have been Chaffinch...
...and Dunnock.
The Otters are still elusive with one sighting out of the three days. There are still plenty of Short-eared Owls on show. With a bit of patience you can get some stunning views of the birds when they land. This photo was taken in the rain and filled the view in the scope - awesome!
The House Martins at the shop don't have any nests built yet so they may not breed this year but other pairs are doing well, the Swallows should have chicks on the go by now but I haven't seen any signs yet.
The Orchids are starting to come into flower with Fragrant, Northern Marsh, Early Marsh and Heath Spotted all on show at the moment. Butterflies have been difficult to get to grips with but Small Pearl-bordered and Common Blue are seen regularly. This Common Blue was fresh out.

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Adelai said...

at what stage do the WT eagles get named (as in Iona, Fingal?) - just so I know which ones we 'saw' (sort of!) at the hatching stage for future ref