Monday, 4 June 2012

June begins.

I'm doing my best to keep up but you may have noticed the last couple of posts were the wrong way round - doh! We'll crack on with the start of June...The fine weather returned but the temperatures are at a more normal level - bliss. The Red Deer are busy growing their antlers back and moulting at the same time so they may look a bit shabby but this one will be a stunner when he's finished.
There are quite a few Adders showing at the moment so I tried for a 'heap of Adders' shot but they wouldn't play. I just got the evil eye instead!
The Short-eared Owls continue to draw the crowds and while the crowds were watching distant birds I had this one to myself - a bit of a frown on this one!
As the sun was just coming up only one side of the bird was lit so the pupils are different sizes.
The pale Common Buzzard was hunting the hillside to feed it's young.
I also had a painful trip into the woods to try for more shots of Wood Warbler. Being eaten alive by midges and trying not to slap them away was a bit of a challenge but the result wasn't too bad.
On the way out of the woods I came across this Wren that was collecting food...
...and a flock of recently fledged Blue Tit that were keeping their parents busy. The begging calls were non stop and the fluttering wings looked great with the light shining through them.
They still look better the right way round!

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