Thursday, 14 June 2012


This post is the 500th one - not a bad effort. Here's to the next 500.Tuesday - the weather wasn't too bad as we avoided most of the rain. We started the day with a bit of a wait but we got good views of the WT Eagle when it flew in. A search for Otters produced a male and female together, rolling in the seaweed before heading off in opposite directions. The Short-eared Owls were easily seen as we followed the first one along the road and a second crossed our path before we got close views of one on a post.
We picked up 4 Red-throated Divers at our next stop and as we waited around two of the birds took flight which instigated a bit of calling - superb. I manged to get this shot just after I'd dropped the guests off at the end of the day.
A brief view of a flock of Crossbill at the next stop was backed up by some good views of Hen Harrier. We pressed on as a shower made it's way towards us. We bagged the singing Wood Warbler before making another stop for Golden Eagle. We could see two birds flying in the distance before we picked up a closer bird that landed on a cliff. Another change of location gave us superb views of two Goldies flying around. A WT Eagle was buzzed by a Buzzard before being harassed by a Hoodie.
We tried for better views of the eagle but it evaded that plan. We did get superb views of a Common Buzzard on the hunt.
We finished the day off with stunning views of a male Hen Harrier - shame about the photo though!


Christian said...

That's a cracking SEO shot. Nice for the 500th.

Postie said...

Congratulations on the 500.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Brian. I am a regular reader and hope to visit Mull in the next year or so. Your tour will be a must!

Bryan Rains said...

Cheers for the comments folks.