Friday, 22 June 2012


Monday what can I say...sunny...again! A good start to the day with some close Red-breasted Merganser...
...and a Short-eared Owl. Three red-throated Diver were another good find before one of the guests spotted some Otters. Safely parked up we settled in to watch two Otter cubs chase each other around in the shallows.
It was frantic action for a wee while before they slipped silently away.
A WT Eagle was seen sitting on a rocky islet before we visited the nest site where we viewed the chicks. An adult bird came flying in before we moved on.
Golden Eagle and Hen Harrier were seen at both of the next stops but nothing as close as the Whinchat.
Five Adders were seen in the afternoon but no other reptiles. I'm starting to wonder where the Common Lizards are this year. We'd had a Common Snipe displaying earlier in the day but to get one on the ground at the end of the day was a real treat.
We caught up with Mountain Hare but a better find was this very pale Linnet.
Tuesday was overcast to start with but the sun got out in the afternoon. We started off with an adult WT Eagle and an Otter before heading off for Short-eared Owl. We got a few distant views to start with and eventually got close views when we moved location.
Cuckoos should be heading back to their winter quarters now so we are seeing less of them but we still hear one every day. Hen Harriers are in good numbers this year so the regular sightings are well received. There are plenty of Stonechat around too with most pairs on to their second broods now.
We only managed to see one Golden Eagle today but at least it did the right thing and gave us a fly past.
We finished the day off getting the run around from a Mountain Hare.


Ipin said...

Nice photos Bry

Ruth B. said...

great series you have posted here

Bryan Rains said...

Cheers, folks.