Saturday, 29 March 2014


We headed out in drizzly conditions but the weather was to clear as the day progressed. A few Snipe made their presence known as we stopped to look for Mountain Hare. We found four hares sheltering in the rocks but as they had a clear view of us there was no chance of getting close. As you can see the winter coat works well against the white sand.
As promised the weather cleared - awesome!
A couple of Otters came for a closer look and then headed off.
Just in case you get an itchy trigger finger there is always a Grey Heron around to help you out - stunning!
A Golden Eagle drifted off over a ridge while a WT eagle was much more obliging.
One of these next two birds is a juvenile White-tailed Eagle and the other is an adult Golden Eagle...
...which is which?


Goshawk said...

Easy peasey. Top one is adult Goldie, bottom one is juv White Tail

Bryan Rains said...

Aye, an easy one...but only if you know. Cheers, Goshawk.