Thursday, 13 March 2014


With a day of sunshine it was nice to see things in good light for a change although this Great Spotted Woodpecker was in the woods where there wasn't that much light. Nice to see the pattern on the back of the head of the female bird.
It was pretty much a given that an Adder would be on show but there was only one to see - the same beast as the last time.
There were plenty of Pied Wagtails, a few Meadow Pipit, Lapwings, a Reed Bunting and a few Rooks down by the beach.
There will be quite a few photos of Lapwing over the next couple of months - stunning!
The views were spectacular...
...and a Golden eagle came over for a closer look.


Wilma said...

Great stuff, Bryan. Looking forward to more lapwings.

MFox said...

Sorry for ruining that photo op, Bryan!