Monday, 3 February 2014

Pace yourself

The year list is coming along quite nicely but there is always that idea of pacing yourself. Last year I had seen 94 species before I got my first spring migrant and at the end of January this year I had seen 75 species - not many to get in the next six weeks and most of them will be easy! The weather is still wet with just the one day of snow - February 1st! It's not often that you go out and don't see a Buzzard so this one made the grade.
I wonder if this Greenshank is getting used to being close to the road as it doesn't fly off unless it's with other birds that take flight.
Another one that is getting used to the quiet life is this Otter - I see this most days either fishing or sleeping on the seaweed.
Mistle Thrush and Song Thrush are a regular sight in the winter but a Fieldfare stood out well when it was in the group - I had to reverse up to this one.
Not the greatest picture you'll see but it was the only shot I got of this Raven tumbling - upside down and calling like mad!
It might be a common bird but the Guillemot is always a welcome sight. As a matter of interest I saw my first one last year on the 7th Feb and this one was seen on the 2nd Feb - not much between the dates.

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