Thursday, 13 February 2014

A pile of poop

A nice run out to put some fuel in the motor was quite productive as I picked up a few year ticks. A Great Northern Diver was fishing close to the shore and I managed to catch it just as it was diving.
The first place I picked up a few year ticks was a pile of poop (or maybe it's a reference to the photos). A few Reed Buntings were dotted about with this female bird standing proud.
A small flock of Meadow Pipit were present...
...along with a single Rock Pipit - a good comparison.
I noticed a pair of Reed Bunting feeding on the ground - the male has the black bib and the head will darken soon.
Most of our Pied Wagtails disappear in the winter so it was nice to see this male bird back on the island.
A flock of 18 Tufted Duck on a loch had a drake Scaup with them - a good find.
A decent amount of Lapwings were back to their home ground but the flock of 300 Starling was quite impressive. A couple of Shelduck were swimming across the bay in front of these Common Seals - if you look at the back of the rock you can see the head of a Grey Seal too.
Back on home turf I delayed having lunch while I took a few snaps of this Otter cleaning himself up...
...and a Common Crossbill was in full song back at the shop - never a dull moment!

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Bob Bushell said...

Brilliant collection of birds.