Wednesday, 5 February 2014


A quick trip out produced a few sightings. This drake RB Merg doesn't look too impressed as the female bird causes a bit of a splash.
This bird was fishing in the shallows - you can see there is a thin film of water covering the bird before it even dives...
...and you could be excused for mistaking this for an Otter.
No mistaking the Shag when it shows well though.
There was an Otter fishing a bit further out but it never came any closer.
A flock of Curlews were feeding in a field and it was nice to see the whole bill disappear as they dug for worms.
Not a great deal of variety on the feeders at home but it does give you a chance to get a bit closer to some birds - Great Tit...
...and the stunning Coal Tit are two good examples.

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