Tuesday, 18 February 2014


I'm still not getting that far from home so short trips out are the order of the day. Plenty of sightings of both type of eagle, as long as you keep your eyes open, but nothing close enough for a photo. Guillemot numbers are starting to rise and if the wind is strong enough there is always the odd bird close to shore.
There are lots of Red Deer close to the road and easy to view and you could spend all day with them. It has to be something different for the camera to come out so this one antlered beast was the chosen subject.
The Otters are showing well in various locations so to find this beast close to the road was no surprise.
It was a decent sized fish it had but it was keen to bite the head of this one despite the fact there was still fleshy bits left!
There must be plenty of Starfish around the shore and I wonder if the rough seas wash a few closer in at which point they become easy prey for the plunge diving Herring Gull - good catch.
A proper blue sky day saw us heading out to look for Adders again but there was no sign. Not sure if the ground is too wet or there is another problem - we'll find out in time. A Grey Wagtail was nice to see as we had a look across the patch...
...as a brutish looking Razorbill was sailing past.
We were just about ready to go when an Otter put in an appearance so that is always going to slow you down. We left it fishing in the bay after a wave of the tail.

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Wilma said...

You always show something interesting, Bryan. Nice selection today.