Friday, 24 January 2014


While wandering around in the wood, seeing very little, I came across this tree with strange patterns on it - odd.
Nothing more than a few Blue Tit, Coal Tit and a couple of Woodpigeon to see So I turned the camera on some fungus instead - Many-zoned Polypore, I think.
I had seen an Otter in the water when I'd drove past this location and on my return the Otter was fast asleep on the point. It wasn't worrying about the weather conditions as it was sleeping in the teeth of the wind.
I have seen a couple of gulls carrying starfish through the week so it was no surprise to see one on the side of the road. As this one was a bit different I took a photo - it looks like a Purple Sunstar.
I have been keeping my eyes open for birds to add to the Patchwork Challenge but it's slow going at the minute. A fly past Skylark was a surprise find and a pair of Goldeneye that always turn up at this time of year have been the latest additions. While taking a quick snap of this Greenshank...
...the bird flew off and I noticed this Dipper sitting a bit further back (another for the PWC).
Another day, another Hooded Crow - why not?
PWC - 57 species, 72 points.


Adelai said...

What an incredible tree trunk! Wonder what caused that. Signed the White Eagle survey by the way, hope it makes a difference.

Bryan Rains said...

Not sure what has caused that pattern on the trunk, Gill, but it goes all the way up the tree. Thanks for doing the survey too.