Tuesday, 28 January 2014


The survey that asked whether WT Eagles should be controlled came back with 92% against the idea - see more HERE. Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter a vote.
With no let up in the rain the photos are getting fewer but the sightings are still there. I'm seeing the WT Eagles on most days but we don't seem to be in the same area at the same time! There are not many days that I haven't seen an Otter this month with the top sighting being a mum with two cubs.
I'd like to get a bit closer to the Black Guillemots as they are coming into their summer dress now - I'll keep trying. The thrush population seems to have moved out onto higher ground as the most regular sighting is of the Mistle Thrush.
The Oystercatcher are just loving this wet weather though - this one is having a rest from paddling about in the fields for worms!
I've not come across any white-winged gulls yet but there is still time for them. I'm not a great fan of gulls but they are always smart looking birds when you get a close look - Herring Gull, smart.
I waited for this GN Diver to drift a bit closer to where I was but as it got closer the rain came down harder - ho hum.

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