Saturday, 18 January 2014

Must try harder

Not much happening up here at the moment but a change in the weather might help. A cold snap might produce some different birds but these dreich day are just dragging on. Sightings of Golden and WT Eagle have been fairly regular but nothing close enough for a photo - plenty of time for that though. A Red Deer was wandering past the shop when we arrived the other morning.
The usual sighting of Buzzards drying themselves on poles provided the best opportunity for photos...
...and you are never far away from a fly past Raven.
There are plenty of GN Diver out on the loch but I've not had a close encounter for a while now.
Grey Heron has to be the easiest bird to get but they all look the same - this one looked a bit different as it hunkered down in a stiff breeze.
Now and again the Greenshank will stay put while you point the camera...must try harder!

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Wilma said...

Very abstract GH shot.