Thursday, 30 January 2014


Finally, a nice day! I had to put some fuel in the car so that gave me a chance to go a bit further afield. No sign of the WT Eagles on the rocks above the Common Seals.
I came across a couple of Jackdaws in a group of Rooks and there were a few Tufted Duck on the loch.
A 130 strong flock of Barnacle Geese...
...were in the same field as 25 Greenland White-fronted Geese.
A bit of a wander around was worthwhile as I came across this Mountain Hare enjoying the sunshine and keeping out of the breeze.
A flock of Wigeon were flying along the shoreline... the hare decided to move off.
It didn't go too far but it kept an eye on me as I headed in the opposite direction.
A small flock of Ringed Plover stayed put as I walked past them.
Best sighting of the day had to be a Woodcock flying over the house at dusk.

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