Monday, 13 January 2014


Another fight with the weather - it looks good so you go out and it starts raining again! I sat and watched an Otter for an hour while it rained and I was on the point of giving up when the rain stopped and the beast headed for shore - a lucky break!
The Otter had a good clean up on the shore before heading back out for more fishing.
There was a Hooded Crow foraging in the same area and I watched as he found a large bone of some description and proceeded to try dropping it on the rocks to break it open! The rain came back so I moved a bit closer to home and took a few snaps of this Grey Heron enjoying the shower.
A wee bit further along the road I got my eye on another Otter but the light was pretty bad...
...and it looked like it was on a mission to be somewhere else.
Another stroke of luck - the sun came out just as the Otter came ashore.
A bit of a clean up and then a drink from the sea.
Look at the size of those feet - surely they belong to someone else!
It's nice to see the Red-breasted Merganser back into the breeding plumage...
...and a quick visit by nine Canada Goose was nice to get on the patch list.


Sonja said...

What a lovely series of Otter photos - you are lucky!

Rick said...

Gotta be some of your best otter pics those Bryan, very, very good, April can't come soon enough mate.

Keep up with the posts for those not lucky enough to live on your wonderful island.