Saturday, 30 November 2013

End of November

Well, that's the end of another month - no year ticks to be had but I managed another couple of additions to the Patchwork Challenge, Bullfinch and Goldcrest, to take the tally up to 108 species and 134 points.
An early trip out was fairly productive in dull conditions. Plenty of Reed Bunting about, 100 Barnacle Geese, WT Eagle, 20 Lapwing plus all the regular stuff. A Buzzard was looking like a real savage frowning at everything from his post.
Maybe it was the Rock Doves that were frustrating it - no chance of catching them!
An Otter was spotted quite far out on the loch but heading for shore with a fish in his mouth. I had enough time to scramble down to a closer position as it cleaned itself up on the seaweed.
Look at the face on that - another one with a frown!
I keep saying there are plenty of GN Diver on the loch but they are mostly single birds scattered across the sea. It was nice to find a group of six birds just loafing together.
A female Hen Harrier was seen sitting on a fence post close to the road but it didn't stay long. I'd stopped out of sight of the bird but it was in flight before I got sight of it again...
...and they don't often fly towards you after that! Let's see what December brings.

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