Monday, 9 December 2013


It's nice to be back online at last! I get what I get when I go out and I'm not targeting anything in particular. I've spent more time looking to add birds to the Patchwork list but I'm not having much luck in that department - I can't even find a Pheasant to put on the list! Anyhoo, while crossing my patchwork boundary I came across a WT Eagle cruising along the shore but with nowhere to stop I had to keep going and that put some distance between me and the bird.
A bit of sunshine didn't encourage anything of note to appear in the areas that I visited (bet something showed up after I left though!) but there were nice views of Song Thrush...
...and Redwing to be had.
We got blasted by the weather - 60 mph winds and a bit of rain and snow - so the expectation was that something would turn up. It all looked fairly quiet apart from a decent smattering of GN Diver (about 20 birds) on the loch. Plants are fairly reliable so I checked out the Pale Butterwort.
A Redshank was feeding in the shallows but with strong light behind the bird - good pose though.
There were masses of gulls on the shore as the tide was receding so I gave them a good grilling and turned up a nice adult Glaucous Gull - result.
There were a few RB Merg along the shore and they look impressive in flight.
This Curlew may stand out quite well in the photo but trying to keep an eye on it while I found somewhere to stop wasn't that easy.

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