Saturday, 22 June 2013


The sightings are staying fairly similar at the moment so I'll just rattle through the photos. A couple of moulting  RB Merganser were having a kip at high tide.
It was nice to see the Lesser Butterfly Orchid in flower.
The Kestrels seem to be doing quite well this year.
Three Golden Eagles in the air together was a bit of a surprise but after looking at the photos I could see that one of the birds was a youngster.
The Mountain Hares are showing how well they can run and hide at the moment - nice if you can get them!
There are lots of young Redshank this year so the adults are keen to keep them safe...
...but not so many Lapwing chicks but the adults are taking good care of the ones they have.
A Snipe on a post - what can I say? There will be more!!

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