Thursday, 6 June 2013

Baby, baby,baby.

A quick run out with Shop Lady to see the sights started off well we spotted a Common Seal doing a bit of thrashing about. We stopped for a closer look to find this Seal had a large fish that it was busy demolishing.
A visit to see the WT Eagle chick was next - awesome views!
Next up was a visit to see the Golden Eagle chick - awesome again!
We are having a heatwave at the moment which is not the best for wildlife watching but it certainly puts a smile on everyone's  face. Getting things early in the day is the best thing to do so a couple of Otters and both types of eagle with their respective chicks were seen before lunch. A trip into the woods provided me with my first midge bite of the year but the Wood Warbler was good. To continue the theme of baby animals we came across a young Adder on a track...
...and an adult female that is ready to shed her skin was not too far away.
A Golden Eagle soared over us while we had lunch...
...and a Whinchat provided the serenade! We finished the day off with a wander on the beach, a couple of Redshank and a couple of Mountain Hare.

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