Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Been there, done that.

Better weather for this tour so there were a few more photos. Some close Mountain Hares were nice to see at our first stop.
It looks like this hare has 'been there, done that'!
A young Skylark was kind enough to stay on it's post while we had a good look.
We pushed on from there to see if we could get better views of Adder while it was still cool - that worked well.
All of the Whinchat seem to be feeding young, either in the nest or recently fledged, but this guy must be having a break!
A couple of Golden Eagle rose out of the forestry, gained height, and drifted off. Three Otters entertained us before we had lunch and Golden Eagles were the stars while we ate our lunch. An impressive display of how to ride the updraft from the cliff.
From big to small - this six-spot Burnet Moth was examined closely...
...but soon forgotten as the Golden Eagles reappeared.
Another two Otters sleeping on the shore were nice to see, WT Eagle at the nest and a splendid Curlew at the side of the road.

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