Tuesday, 8 January 2013


The weather is being quite unchangeable which could be nice but it's not, it's just soggy! A Kestrel posed for a shot in the dull light.
The one day it didn't rain I ventured out a bit further to rack up a few year ticks and got good views of WT Eagle and a pair of Golden Eagle.
There are always plenty of Oystercatchers around and you always see them in profile so here is one in a feeding stance - there must be a worm there somewhere!
A couple of days with more rain produced more of the same stuff but at this time of year I tend not to venture too far and things will appear eventually. I've seen a few Otters since the start of the new year but none that have been close enough. I found a mum with two cubs fishing close to the shore so I waited, in the rain, for them to head to shore. Lucky for me, the tide was high and they came ashore close to the road so two of them were mutual preening...
...while the third one devoured a fish.
Just in case you are thinking the weather doesn't look too bad this Buzzard is a better indicator of how wet it was!


Wilma said...

Nice shots, even with the soggy! Sunshine here for the first time in many days. Hope it sticks around and that you get some too.

Unknown said...

Lovely to see the otters cannot wait to come back

Millhouse Photography said...

I'd love to live in Mull! What a place. I was in Scotland recently, at Killin. I thought I saw a G Eagle and I grabbed a very distant record shot. Would it be possible for me to send it to you to find out what you think?

Bryan Rains said...

Thanks Wilma. Hope you get sorted down in Belize - it looks awesome!

Cheers Carole. The Otters are always a treat.

Nice one Christian. Send your photo to bryan(at)wildaboutmull.co.uk and I'll have a look.