Sunday, 27 January 2013

A bit of action.

A bit of action recorded last week was, once again, given away by the alarm calls of a couple of Raven.
The Ravens were excited by the presence of a WT Eagle. The eagle was drawn in by 3 Otters that were fishing in the bay and it was trying it's luck at stealing the fish that the Otters caught. I wasn't that close to the action but it was great to watch the WT Eagle swooping down over the Otters.
A Robin kept a close eye on me in case the sandwiches came out - no luck there!
Some good views of the eagle as it banked around before targeting the Otters...
...but it would only make a couple of passes before taking a rest.
The WT Eagle got nothing from the Otters and they were not fussed by it's attempts to rob them so eventually it gave up a flew off - nice to see though.

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Unknown said...

Lovely to see that must have been amazing to watch