Friday, 11 January 2013


A long awaited patch tick was found minding it's own business in one of the watercourses - a Dipper. There are plenty of Dippers on the island and they can be easy to see in the winter but I've never seen one close to home - result.
A change of scenery after that excitement didn't lower the heart rate much as I came across my first male Hen Harrier of the year. A Kestrel had launched itself from a telegraph pole to head for the ridge and straight for the Hen Harrier.
Not a bad sighting in itself but the female was floating around there too and the Kestrel just kept hammering away at the male!
A couple of Buzzard were circling too but they didn't bother joining the scrap and just as well too...a Golden Eagle came floating into view mere seconds later. The skies cleared quite quickly for some reason!
I could see another bird in the distance so I followed the first bird down the road and watched as it circled...
...waiting for it's mate to join it.
Three Otters were asleep on the rocks as I headed home for a lie down after all of that excitement;-)
I managed to get WT Eagle onto the patch list but it was still a distant view...even when I went for a closer look it was still too far for the camera!
With the likes of Great Spotted Woodpecker, Ringed Plover, Black-headed Gull and Dunlin already added to the list I went to see if I could locate something away from the water or woods. A bit of searching, nothing to show for the effort and the sun going down I came across a single Reed Bunting - well worth the effort.

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Carole Fox said...

Lovely to have this wildlife on your doorstep