Tuesday, 1 January 2013

First and last.

This may be first post in2013 but it's a bunch of photos from the end of 2012. A quick visit to Killingworth Lake to get some shots of the water birds...plenty of Coots milling around.
There were a few Goosander floating around but they kept their distance - male bird...
...and a fancy hairdo for the lady.
Plenty of Tufted Duck but not too many with a decent tuft.
Pochard don't seem to be as numerous any more but you can always get good views of them on the lake.
The females are not that dowdy when you take a good look.
There were not too many Goldeneye and the good looking ones kept their distance while I was there.
A different story with the Moorhens as they come racing over to see if they can get a free handout!

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