Sunday, 15 February 2015

Waking up

Otter sightings are still good at the moment - you're having a bad day if you get less than four but females with youngsters help a lot.
There are still a few Iceland Gulls hanging around but they all seem to be youngsters.
This Buzzard allowed a close approach but he must have been having a messy meal - just look at the state of his beak and his feet!
No excuses for the Oystercatcher - if you dig in the soil you will get dirty.
Golden Eagle - overhead and away quick as a wink!
 The Crossbills always seem to be backlit so when this one turned up just as the sun was hitting the top of the trees I grabbed my opportunity.
There have been a few nice days recently so the temperatures are creeping up and waking up the things that have been hibernating. There was a frost in the morning but by lunchtime the temperature was up to 8 degrees. A Peacock butterfly was basking in the rays...
...and not too far away my first Adder of the year was doing the same thing.


kev parr said...

Is that your earliest Mull adder ever Bryan?

I went out this morning to my local spots but still haven't seen one this year....

Bryan Rains said...

Kev - not by a long way. 9th Feb is my earliest I think. You won't get them until late February or early March, I think.