Tuesday, 10 February 2015


The first week in February has been quite busy as the weather was just superb. The bright sunny days mean that it does get a bit warmer but if you catch the breeze it's baltic!! The Common Crossbills have bred already but the male birds are still singing.
The Otter sightings are quite good at the moment too - anything under four sightings is a poor day but that does include the family parties.
There have been plenty of sightings of Merlin but I was struggling to catch up with it. Doc and I found this one perched beside the road and it did allow a close approach - awesome!
Plenty of sightings of WT Eagle as they prepare themselves for the the breeding season ahead.
Hen Harrier is a daily sighting at the moment but most of the sightings are distant or too quick - this female was leaving at great speed.
I still haven't found any decent looking stags close to the road but there are plenty to see as you drive around.
Plenty of sightings of Golden Eagle too but it was nice to see them getting back into a routine of being close to the road!

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