Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Fatal error

A bit of excitement at the beginning of February as the laptop had a fatal error that resulted in me losing quite a few photographs. It took a while to get things back on an even keel but getting out viewing the wildlife helps the stress levels!! The WT Eagles were relaxing together before the start of the breeding season.
 There are plenty of Buzzards on show, as usual, but it's nice to get one sitting on a natural feature for  a change.
 I was out looking for the local Jay (I did see it) and I just happened to walk right up to this stag. It was close enough to touch when it walked past me!
 The local Otters are feeding well at the moment as they seem to bringing a lot of their catches ashore.


Wilma said...

Magnificent stag!

Russell Jenkins said...

Four very nice pictures. I'm sorry you lost so many photos. Hope you can enjoy replacing them.