Friday, 5 December 2014

The last one

Plenty of Great Northern Divers to be seen - nice to get one with a fish.
I managed to miss a Golden Eagle photo as the bird crossed the loch a lot lower than I thought. All the gulls, waders and herons all scattered out of the way but I was definitely the last one to see it! You don't see too many Goosanders on Mull but there are regular spots for them in the winter.
Lots of Otter sightings at the moment but it's not always a close encounter. I had to wait a while for this one to climb out of the water...
...and these guys took me by surprise as they clambered over the rock right in front of me.
A Jay was a good find but it wasn't that photogenic with the fence in the way - cracking bird to see though.

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