Thursday, 14 August 2014


Predictably, with the good weather in June and July, August is going to be a wet month. It certainly keeps the number of photographs down and it can make the wildlife difficult to find. Most things have been seen on most days but the Otters have been the hardest to find. Just to show the conditions at their best here is a Red Deer stag looking happy with it's lot.
The juvenile WT Eagle has decided to take up residence around the lower parts of the conifers. It certainly makes for good viewing even when it's wet.
Even the adult bird that flew in looks bedraggled.
There appears to be a lot of small fish around the coast at the moment. The Mackerel are chasing these small fish so you see them all jump out of the water as they try to escape and it provides food for all the birds along the shore. You don't see Oystercatchers catching fish but they can do it!
Yet another WT Eagle photograph but it does show that they will fly in poor conditions.

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