Sunday, 31 August 2014

End of August

A quick round up of what's happening at the end of August. Despite the Golden Eagles having a poor breeding season there are still sub adult birds around to show the different plumage.
There seems to be quite a few Grey Wagtails now.
Plenty of Buzzards on show as the youngsters are now venturing out.
The hirundines are starting to gather before their migration south so Swallows and House Martins perched together is nice to see.
There are a few Little Grebes starting to appear on the sea lochs.
Stonechat - just stunning.
This Buzzard was drying off and allowed a close approach.
There doesn't seem to be that many Linnet or Twite around but you can always rely on a Skylark.
The Adders should continue to perform until we have a cold snap.
A variety of waders around at the moment with Redshank, Greenshank, Ringed Plover, Golden Plover, Curlew, Knot and Dunlin.
We had two attempts at getting this Golden Eagle but it was worth the wait.
The Otters are continuing to be elusive at the moment - some sightings but nothing close enough for photographs. There are plenty of gulls around as the Mackerel...
...are chasing whitebait onto the shore.
It does mean that the WT Eagles are trying to get in on the act too.
PWC - species 102, points 127. Year list 141


Wilma said...

Great photos. That wagtail with the reflection is particularly nice.

ebm_gww said...

Yes a few grey wags on the north end as well compared to sightings in my previous years.