Friday, 11 April 2014


A couple of tours had fairly similar sightings so here is a selection of photos. The Red Deer are starting to drop their antlers so this sight will become less frequent over the next couple of weeks.
The WT Eagle sightings are good at the moment but then you can't have a bad sighting of one of these!
Crossbill sightings are a bit hit and miss but you can hear them calling and singing around the forestry.
The Otter is a slippery customer at times so it was nice to have distant views to start with and then a closer one. You have to mark your territory as you move around...
...and a shower is nice too.
There is a smattering of migrants coming through, Sand Martins have arrived from their winter quarters in Africa...
but there is also winter visitors that are back on their way north. The Redwings will probably be heading for Iceland.
Both days had rain at the time we went for Golden Eagle - a bit of patience required and the birds did show.
Along the shore there are quite a few Wheatear, lots of Meadow Pipit, Reed Bunting and Rock Pipit...
...while the wader numbers have dropped - very few Greenshank, small numbers of Ringed Plover and the Turnstones are on the move. Another change has been the reappearance of the Tawny Owl in the barn.

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