Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

Well, it's the last day of the year and the year list finished on 148 while the Patchwork Challenge ended up with 108 species. Not a bad effort. The trip back up to Mull was good with a nice view of a Red Kite along the way.
I had a run out on this last day of the year to see a lot of rain, a single Black Guillemot and a few GN Diver.
The weather cleared eventually so the views of this Hen Harrier were superb.
An Otter took up the rest of the time.
It went into the sea and came straight back out with a large fish...
...which took a while to eat...
...before it headed off.
I thought I saw it cross the road as I climbed back in the motor but it was just a cat!
Have a good New Year and I'll be back soon when the sun comes out;-)


Wilma said...

Fantastic otter photos! You had a very good year. Hope 2014 is just as good if not better!

Bryan Rains said...

Thanks, Wilma. Every year is a good one, they are just different.