Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Doc turned up complaining he hadn't seen many Otters as yet so we decided to give it a bash. The sea was choppy so we didn't hold out much hope but at our second stop I caught a glimpse of an Otter in the rough water. It was heading away from us so we switched location and settled down to wait. After a few views it eventually came ashore with a fish.
The showers were pushing through quite hard but just as a shower passed the Otter started heading for shore. I got in a decent position and no sooner was I there then the Otter appeared right in front of me...
...but then he changed his mind and headed back out for a clean up.
We waited to see what he would do. It wasn't too long before he came back towards us, gave us a good look...
...and then walked right underneath us! An awesome encounter that left us both grinning. A quick look around after that produced a single Golden Eagle, the unmistakeable profile of a GN Diver... adult WT Eagle and a few Greenshank.

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